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New trial ordered by Appeals Court, not accepted to be heard at Supreme Court.

New trial to occur fourth quarter, date set September 16, 2013


Justin's Story


Justin David Johnston was born March 27th, 1995.  Having lived only 16 precious years, this outgoing, charismatic teenage boy was tragically shot and killed in Costa Rica while on an educational Spanish club trip sponsored by McLouth High School.

Justin’s cheerful and friendly persona earned him countless friends.  When he finished his sophomore year at McLouth High School, he was a popular student, active in cross country, power lifting and baseball; however, unlike many youths of this age, Justin was able to incorporate a healthy, spiritual balance into his social life.  He was actively involved with St. Lawrence Church in Easton, Kansas performing alter and lector activities for the parish, and was a dedicated member of the “Army of Christ”, the parish youth group.

Justin’s quest for knowledge and personal fulfillment compelled him to embrace opportunity when one was presented.  Whether it was lending a hand to others when he was needed or accomplishing an individual goal, this is what defined such a remarkable young man who was blessed with limitless potential.  Justin was known and loved by hundreds, but on the tragic day of June 2nd, 2011, one man took Justin from this earth and broke the hearts of millions.

Though we understand he is at peace in the hands of God, those he left behind feel his physical loss to a horrifying degree; therefore, as a community of family, friends, fans and admirers, we gain comfort in keeping his spirit alive through memories, photos, stories…  Justin will remain in our hearts and our lives; a divine, powerful influence as we strive for fulfillment as he did.


Above is a painting Justin purchased while in Costa Rica.

San Jose Costa Rica two days before his death

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